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Relationship Coaching


Healthy relationships don't just happen. They are built, preserved, repaired, and oftentimes altogether dismantled so a truer, more beautiful framework can emerge. The Relationship Blueprint is a program geared towards deconstructing and remodeling your relational spaces. Take a closer look at your generational patterns, family of origin, attachment style, friendships, romantic connections, work, etc. Dismantle the stories, cycles that have kept you stuck and in sabotage mode. Challenge the "shoulds," timelines, internal/external expectations. Remodel your relationship blueprint. Cultivate environments, communities, and relationships where you experience true intimacy, thrive and are the most authentic version of yourself. Identify, honor your needs and establish the necessary boundaries with yourself, family, partners, friends, and colleagues to end toxic relational patterns. Create a sense of peace and safety from within, an essential building block for healthy interpersonal relationships. Begin to lift the weight from the painful family dynamics you experienced and still carry with you. Re-parent yourself and provide the nurture and care you may not have had growing up.

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