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Meet Maria

Relational Wellness Expert 

I know I’m supposed to talk about myself here…but before I give you all the details about my passion and what it is that I do (my magic sauce), I want to talk about YOU.


You see, I think you’ve made your way here because you’re trying to sort through some of the things you can’t figure out on your own. 


Plot twist: It’s OK, you’re not supposed to! We’ve become so accustomed to being independent and self-sufficient that we’ve forgotten that we were built for connection. No one needs to go through this life journey alone or carry on and power through the struggles. And that's what I'm here for: Hi, we’ve got this…together.

OK, so now, let me tell you a little bit about me:


Originally from Venezuela, I am a bilingual (English/ Spanish) therapist in the state of Florida, serving Miami and the surrounding areas. 


I provide professional relationship therapy services for both couples and individuals that are designed to assist you (and your partner) through life transitions, setting better boundaries in your processing and healing from relationship-related trauma, painful post-relationship journeys, and more. 

I’m also a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and help you redefine health on your terms. I enjoy helping individuals overcome harmful eating patterns and behaviors, make peace with their relationship with food, and develop their intuitive eating.

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Image by Olga Serjantu

My Approach

My personal therapeutic style is rooted in narrative and solution-focused approaches. I believe that we all have a story. Unfortunately, sometimes, this story has been written by others or our circumstances. Many of us have internalized someone else’s idea of what our life “should” look like or where we “should” be, losing our Self along the way. It is when we come to this realization, this junction in our journey, that we feel something has to change and we are ripe for reclaiming our life and rewriting our story. 


Together, we will deconstruct and rebuild a new landscape, curated by you and dependent on what works for you and your relationships.


And if that seems a little too fluffy to you, don’t worry. My brain is very concrete, organized and solution-focused. I’m a big fan of goals, habits, and actionable steps. We’ll check off all the boxes while challenging ourselves to think outside of them as well.

Education & Certifications

Image by Covene
Image by Covene

Throughout my experiences in the agency and private practice settings, there has always been an underlying theme in my therapy and coaching style: empowerment and resilience. I wholeheartedly believe that you’ve already got the answers. It is my job (and pleasure) to help you see what I see from my corner of the therapy room.


Bachelors of Science


Florida Atlantic University


Intuitive Eating Counselor

The Original Intuitive Eating Pros


Masters of Science

Marriage & Family Therapy

Nova Southeastern University


Certified Holistic Health Coach

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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