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Couples Therapy


According to research, it takes couples an average of 7 years before they decide to seek help. Oftentimes, by this point, the deterioration has seeped in, greatly eroding the joy, love, and spark that once existed. Together, we can work on repairing and re-kindling and reviving the relationship. I work with couples in relationships or marriages to help through persisting challenges, such as communication or trust issues and strained connection. With Couples Therapy Sessions, you and your partner have a space where you can develop a deeper understanding of one another and make better decisions in your relationship. However, in some cases, therapy can also support you in coming to terms with the painful reality of possible separation and divorce. While it’s not what we want to hear, it may just be what is the best next step for each party. We can work through the necessary steps to amicably and consciously uncouple, with the least amount of friction. Tools utilized: Gottman’s Theory + Practices Understanding Love languages Effective + Compassionate communication building Conflict Resolution + de-escalation

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