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Meet Maria

Relationship Expert + Educator

Hey there! I’m Maria, a Therapist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach on a mission to help you redefine your health.


For years I obsessed over being the best and healthiest version of myself. It turns out I wasn’t healthy, I was just preoccupied with a number on a scale, with labeling foods “good” or “bad”, and just completely ignoring what my body truly needed.


I preached holistic health and a mind-body connection, but the truth was I had stopped listening to myself a long time ago and my mental health was a mess. I shut down my intuition and believed that the latest diets (keto, paleo, whole30, etc) and the trendiest calorie burning workouts knew what was best for me.


It’s embarrassing to admit but I was a health specialist who wasn’t truly healthy. I needed a new definition of health. Not one just focused on the physical but one that would incorporate the mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual healths.

This is how Holisticallygrace, a sustainable and all-encompassing definition to health and wellness, was created. I am so glad that you’ve found your way here…I have a feeling you’ll find just what you’re looking for.


What I Specialize In

The Mind-Body Connection

Intuitive Eating: Healing Our Relationship with Food

Holistic Health

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Trauma Informed Care

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

-Carl Rogers

After my first session with Maria, I immediately felt a sense of peace and understanding of what was actually going on in my life. She understood my situations and helped me to deal with and work through each thing that was causing me so much distress. Maria’s compassion, knowledge and pure genuine spirit are the reason I am here today thriving and living my best life.

- S.H.

Maria's wisdom and guidance has really helped to improve the quality of my life. I will continue to work on being my best authentic self now understanding that I don't have to be a certain size to be valuable. 

Thank you, Maria! 


Working with Maria has been an amazing experience. She has been a wonderful cheerleader and has reminded me of my worth every step of the way. She sees when I’m being overly critical of myself and shuts it down, or when I’m not looking deep enough she encourages me to peel back the next layer. Maria has been instrumental in my Intuitive Eating journey.

- C.F.

Mind Meets Body Podcast

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We're talking REAL health: mental, physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, relational, and social health…you know, all those things that need to be in place for us to be in “well-being mode.” The cherry on top? An emphasis on imperfection, self-compassion and curiosity.

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