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Healthy Relationships Are Within Reach

Create the meaningful and thriving connections you've always wanted

A welcome letter from Maria

Relationship Expert & Educator

I’m so happy you stopped by! I hope I can take a moment of your time to share how I can help you navigate through relationship ups and downs.

You see, we exist in relationships, with ourselves and others, and it is within these relationships that we often struggle or feel pain. Sometimes, the pain is internal. It comes from within the thoughts we have about ourselves, the way we feel about who we are, and how we exist and move through the world. In other times, the pain can arise from external factors via our relationships (e.g., romantic, family, work), social or self pressures, expectations in life, perfectionism, and feeling disconnected from ourselves due to doubts, fears, and anxiety.

But just as there is pain and disconnection and the feeling that something within us is broken, there is also the possibility of healing and appreciating our journey with a compassionate perspective. There is beauty in all that you experience, and all that has led you up to this point only becomes a part of the masterpiece that is you.​


What I Specialize In

Cultivating Healthy

Relationships and Boundaries with Self & Others

Processing and Healing from Painful Relationship-

Related Experiences

Understanding Your Attachment Style and

Relationship With Your Partner

Unpacking and Recognizing  Behavioral Patterns to Improve Relationships

Providing Trauma Informed 

Care and Assisting with Life Transitions

Pink Sofa

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole." -Rupi Kaur

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